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Stadtrundgang durch Alexandria
This history walking tour of Alexandria Old Town and galleries of the library of Alexandria will take you along all the less known must-see local spots to see the real Alexandria: Explore the city that has over 7000 years of history and discover all the facts, myths, and secrets that you won’t find in your guidebook. Today, the city is the modern summer capital of Egypt. But the grace of Alexander the great still lingers all around… I will share my knowledge and passion for Alexandria with you. Get a local look at the Cradle of Civilization on foot and discover many of the city’s hidden gems that tourist buses can’t reach. Other things to note We are available every day just Message me now. Tour starts at 10 am we can change pick-up time to suit you. We will pick you up from your place
Erkunde 18 Orte in Alexandria mit einem Einheimischen
the history tour of the old town of Alexandria founded by Alexander The Great in 332 B.C will let you have a chance to encounter the less-visited common must-see spots that other regular itineraries won't give you the chance to go, we are going to visit at least( 13 )old historical places here in Alexandria, Which is so huge number to see it at the same day, that makes you almost finish most of the places in Alexandria, and take an amazing idea and impression for the whole entire life and living here, this is some of the places like .. old market hidden gems, a panoramic view of the old eastern city harbor, the biggest oldest mosque in the city. the city has a long history covering different timelines, then trying local food & Drinks experience you will be able to see local areas and the most important historical spots in my city. you will get a chance to see how the locals are also living and feel it more of a streetwise. Other things to note I am going to help you with every single thing you are going to need to know her in Alexandria. Never gonna feel like you are here alone. Never Worry I'm a Super Host at Airbnb and I'm always taking care of all my guests. Note: I am so Flexible when it comes to time, so if you wanna change the time for any experiences, feel totally free to ask.
Alexandria day tour from Cairo
I will meet you at 7 am at your accommodation in downtown Cairo or pyramids area, then we will start our tour. Explore the rich history of Alexandria; tracing time from its ancient Egyptian roots, through the Classical period, to Roman times and beyond on an informative full-day tour from Cairo. Enjoy meet-and-greet service pick-up, and drop off from your Cairo hotel, and the comfort of an air-conditioned bus. Begin the journey with a visit to the Roman theater in Kom El-Deka; a marble theater that once seated 800 spectators with galleries. Continuing, explore the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa; the necropolis of 3 sub-levels dating from the 2nd century AD merges aspects of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman culture in its features. See the Roman triclinium – a banquet hall to honor the dead, as well as statues, reliefs, and a pillared lobby featuring depictions of Egyptian gods in Roman armor, and also you visit Pompey pillar Concluding the tour, walk the ramparts of the 15th century Qaitbay Citadel, built upon the ruins of the ancient Alexandria Lighthouse. End this day of discovery with a relaxed evening drive back to Cairo, and your hotel. Other things to note This experience is 8-9 hours, not one hour, we are a valuable every day if you found the day is blocked just sent a massage to me. Tickets is not included Food is not included
Ganztagestour durch Alexandria
Auf der von Alexander im Jahr 332 v. Chr. gegründeten Geschichtstour durch die Altstadt von Alexandria haben Sie die Möglichkeit, auf die weniger besuchten Orte zu stoßen, zu denen andere regelmäßige Routen keine Gelegenheit bieten. versteckte Juwelen des alten Marktes, ein Panoramablick auf den alten östlichen Stadthafen, verborgene Galerien der Kathedrale Saint Mark, von denen nicht jeder weiß, lokales kulinarisches Erlebnis, die größte älteste Moschee der Stadt. Die Stadt hat eine lange Geschichte, die verschiedene Zeitlinien umfasst. Sie werden in der Lage sein, lokale Gebiete und die wichtigsten historischen Orte in meiner Stadt zu sehen. Sie werden die Möglichkeit haben, zu sehen, wie die Einheimischen auch leben, und sich eher wie auf der Straße fühlen. Ansonsten zu beachten Diese Tour richtet sich hauptsächlich an Gäste, die sich während ihres Aufenthalts in Alexandria aufhalten. Die Tour startet von Ihrem Wohnort in Alexandria und endet am selben oder einem anderen Ort in Alexandria. Diese Tour findet von 9 bis 15 Uhr statt
Learn, Cook, Eat with Egyptian Family
In this class, you will learn how to make various types of Egyptian Local Food that you find at most Egyptian restaurants, Then going to cook it with us and we are going to eat all together at Egyptian traditional atmosphere, with local Egyptian music and drinks and even you will be going to wear traditional Egyptian clothes (if you want) to take a photo session & videos for memories. Local Egyptian food going to be different from time to time, It's not fixed meals and you can contact me to tell me what you like to eat ... like * Mahshi * Molokhia * Mombar * ades * koshery * betengan *Egyptian pie with cheese and black or white honey (traditional meal) * and much other various food. * Vegan is always welcomed. * After eating, and sharing views and speech, We are going to Drink hot or cold local traditional drinks. While listening to traditional music .. Be sure that you are going to have such an experience you will never gonna find it anywhere else. * I'm a Super Host at Airbnb hosting, you can check out my apartment reviews and see how much service and help I always offer to my guests. * Note that I am Always making sure that 10% of the net profit of every experience booked goes to charity to help some needy families . * I am so Flexible when it comes to time, so if you wanna change the time for any experiences, feel totally free to ask.
Tagesausflug von Kairo nach Alexandria
from 6 am to 3pm day tour to know the highlight of the Greak and Roman city visting the most important siteseeing there , such as the Catacomb ,Pillar of pompy ,the Roman theatre, Citadel of king Quitbay.As an Expert ,,i will narrate the history of the city as a novel for you . You have time there to enjoy fresh food from the ocean with a marvelious view of the sea.Also walking next to the sea is a must to the experience of Alexandria. The driving to Alex.is three hours ,you stop on the half way in case you need a bath room or some coffee.Then you will continue to Alex .Your first stop will be The Catacomb ;three lvels underground made of sand stone and back to the first & second century .It is full of beautiful scenes mixed our old art with the Roman .Second stop will be the Pillar of Pompy which recorded the victory of Ceasor against Pompy and he chopped of his head to put it above the pillar which not true but the true histoy , you will know there to be excited .Thirdly , you will visit the Citadel of Quitbay 500 years ago before your lunch and walking next to the beach .your last stop will be the Library which was lost long time ago but now we have a new one houses millions of books and over 12 gallaries inside.Finally we will be back to Cairo with friendly mood and big experience plus strong feedback of your personal experience .
Historikerführung durch Alexandria
Starts 8 am Everyday. This history tour of Old Town will take you along all the less known must-see local spots: Old Market hidden gems, special Panoramic views of Old Harbor, the site of the lighthouse, Catacombs, Castle Qaitbey, Saint Mark Church hidden galleries, Roman Theater, Taverna's local Alexandria food only for locals no tourist know about it, Abo El Abbas Mosque, Tea Palace, Stanly Bridge, Unknown Soldier Memorial, Opera House of Alexandria and more. Founded in 323, the city has a rich local history ranging from the greek to World War II. In addition to learning about Old Town's past, you'll find out about what is going on in Alexandria today meet some locals friends of mine, and how to make the most of your trip. Other things to note We are available every day just Message me now. Tour starts at 8 am we can change pick-up time to suit you. We will pick you up from your place. Tour starts 8 am finished around 2-3 pm
NO DIET CLUB – der beste Gastro-Rundgang in Alexandria
Explore the paradise of street food, with 4 hours full of fun and pleasure and story about Alexandria and it's old places and native food, just going to feels like a real native citizen for at least one day, Going to start visiting Fol & Falafel restaurant, Then Koshry in the most local places for shopping and restaurants, then going to eat common local food which no one knows except Alexandria citizens, Then drinking local drinks, then eat local Alexandria dessert which so hard to find it alone, and end it with local hot drinks at coffee, with no less than 5 food stops.you are going to live real native life for one hall day, while we are getting food gonna see the real local native life and how Alexandria looks deep inside and you can enjoy watching local shops with cheap prices ever. Other things to note I am going to help you with every single thing you are going to need to know her in Alexandria. Never gonna feel like you are here alone. Never Worry I'm a Super Host at Airbnb and I'm always taking care of all my guests. Note: I am so Flexible when it comes to time, so if you wanna change the time for any experiences, feel totally free to ask.
Ausflug: Pyramiden, Sphinx, Ägyptisches Museum, ab Alexandria
HINWEIS: Diese Tour dauert ca. 10-12 Stunden, nicht 1 Stunde, und beginnt um 7 Uhr morgens. Nehmen Sie an dieser historischen Reise von Alexandria aus teil, um die Geheimnisse der Großen Pyramiden, der Sphinx & des Ägyptischen Museums zu entdecken. Diese historische Tour durch Kairo führt dich entlang aller weniger bekannten Sehenswürdigkeiten: , versteckten Schätze des Alten Marktes, spezielle Panoramablicke auf die Sphinx und Pyramiden. Optionale Taverne lokale Kairo Essen nur für Einheimische keine Touristen wissen, versteckte Schätze von Tut Anch Amun, und vieles mehr. Kairo hat eine reiche lokale Geschichte, die von der Zeit der alten Ägypter bis zur Neuzeit reicht. Zusätzlich dazu, dass du etwas über die Vergangenheit der Altstadt erfährst, erfährst du, was heute in Kairo vor sich geht und wie du das Beste aus deiner Reise herausholst. Andere Dinge zu beachten Wir sind jeden Tag nur Nachricht mir jetzt. Die Tour beginnt um 8 Uhr morgens. Wir können die Abholzeit nach Belieben ändern. Wir holen dich bei dir ab.
Pyramiden, Sphinx, Sakkara, Memphis, Mittagessen und Kamelritt
From 9am to 4pmTour from six to eight hours :Pick up from your accommodation then transfer to explore the Step Pyramid of Zoser, the world's oldest major stone structure. After that continue visit Memphis which was the capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom, we also will see the Statue of Ramses II and the Alabaster Sphinx of Memphis. We will end our tour discovering the Giza Pyramids and we will walk around it with amazing explanation of its history and have time to get photos as well as I will talk about the worker's village and the history of the Great Sphinx. Camel ride and Flafel food will be including
Lerne/spiele Schach mit einem Spieler aus Alexandria
Chess is one of the oldest games in the world. It's also one of the most popular games in the world. It's called the game of kings. Benefits: Chess helps you to be patient, think well before you make a decision, know how other people think differently and improve your intelligence. Content: We will play chess together. If you don't have information about it, I can teach you how to play it. At the end of this experience, I'll give you your special present. Notes: 1- I'm flexible about changing my schedule. If you don't find a suitable date, you can send me a message to add a new date that fits our needs. 2- (20% off) to guests who book two or more weeks in advance.
Entdecke die Kultur von Alexandria (Start in Kairo)
Join me on this unique experience from Cairo to the Mediterranean coast to explore Alexandria. The Tour Itinerary: your guide will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo or Giza at 7am and will take you in a comfortable air conditioned vehicle to start your private day tour to Alexandria. after 3 hours driving you will arrive Alexandria. you start your day tour at the Catacomb which has three levels underground with beautiful reliefs depict the mixture of Greek, Roman and ancient Egyptian styles. after that you head to Pompey’s Pillar which has nothing to do with pompey and our guide will tell you about that. Next, head to the Citadel of Qaitbay, the Ottoman-era fortress built on the site of the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the original Seven Wonders of the ancient World. then we stop for lunch: fish, chicken or vegetarian options (Lunch is Optional). After that, You will pass by the new library of Alexandria. To see from outside The library of Alexandria, Then drive back to Cairo. What is including: Egyptologist Tour Guide Private air-condition car. Bottled water All service charges and applicable Taxes included. What is Excluded: Entrance Fees. Lunch. Personal Spending.
Ausflug: El Alamein und der Zweite Weltkrieg
HINWEIS: Diese Tour dauert etwa 6-7 Stunden, nicht 1 Stunde, und beginnt um 8 Uhr morgens. Wir gehen gemeinsam durch das historische Zentrum von Alamein, um die dunkelste und blutigste Seite seiner Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkriegs zu entdecken. Eine Zeitreise in die Vergangenheit der Schlacht von El Alamein des Zweiten Weltkriegs auf einem privaten Tagesausflug werden wir das El Alamein War Museum besuchen, um den Hintergrund, die Strategien und die Waffen zu beschreiben, die in der Schlacht verwendet wurden. Besuche dann den Commonwealth, die deutschen und italienischen Friedhöfe, wo einige der rund 75.000 Männer zur Ruhe kommen. Der dunkle Alamain-Rundgang wird einige der verstecktesten Orte der Stätte berühren, aber du kannst sie aus einer anderen Perspektive sehen: als Kriminalitätsszenen von sehr kalten Fällen. Bei dieser Tour fühlst du dich wie ein Insider. Ich werde mir jedes Detail über den Zweiten Weltkrieg ansehen, um ihre verborgenen Geschichten fortzusetzen, und ich zeige dir einige fast unsichtbare alte Waffen und Tanks, die im Zweiten Weltkrieg verwendet wurden. Ich gebe dir Tipps und Details, die du in Büchern nicht finden kannst! Das ist keine Geistertour, alle Geschichten, die du hören wirst, sind wahr! Ansonsten zu beachten Wir sind jeden Tag verfügbar, schick mir einfach jetzt eine Nachricht. Die Tour beginnt um 8 Uhr morgens. Wir können die Abholzeit nach dir ändern. Wir holen dich von deiner Unterkunft ab.
Alex walk
We will pass by the corniche sidewalk and have a walk by the great Mediterranean sea and we will have see during this walk the Qayetbay citadel and the royal jewelry palace and we will have the chance to eat an amazing meal of fresh seafood and a nice local hand made icecream with many flavours at the end we will have a competition in dominos and the winner will get a souvenir
Gruselige Geschichtstour: Geister und Geheimnisse von Alexandria
HINWEIS: Diese Tour dauert ca. 4-5 Stunden, nicht 1 Stunde, und beginnt um 18: 00 Uhr. Alexandria bietet viele Aktivitäten, aber ich habe beschlossen, einen Blick auf die Stadt aus einer anderen Perspektive zu bieten: die dunkle Seite der Stadt zu erkunden! Wir treffen uns zuerst am Eingang des Kaitbey Castle, einem Teil von Alexandria, der immer geheimnisvoll verhüllt war. Dort erfährst du mehr über die turbulente Geschichte der wichtigsten dunklen Zeiten der Stadt und der nahe gelegenen alten Häuser. Anschließend erkunden wir den bezaubernden und immergrünen Montazha-Park, der in der fernen Vergangenheit einer der königlichsten Orte der Stadt war. Dann geht es weiter durch ein Labyrinth alter Straßen in der Altstadt und schließlich geht es weiter in die Altstadt. Auf dem ganzen Weg werden wir verschiedene historische Stätten sehen, von denen einige angeblich heimgesucht werden, von denen einige für andere dunkle Geschichten oder Legenden bekannt sind. Dies ist ein voll erzählerischer Spaziergang, also erwarten Sie viele Geschichten, gefolgt von der stimmungsvollen Umgebung des Abendspaziergangs durch einige weniger bekannte Teile der Stadt. Andere Dinge zu beachten Wir sind jeden Tag nur Nachricht mir jetzt. Die Tour beginnt um 16: 00 Uhr. Wir können die Abholzeit nach Belieben ändern. Wir holen dich von deiner Unterkunft ab