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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen für Geschäfte

“Meilleure pâtisserie. C'est également la plus ancienne pâtisserie de Paris ! Best and oldest bakery in Paris!”
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“the best hot chocolate in the world (although it’s closer to drinking chocolate). Their pastries are also wonderful; I recommend eating breakfast there. You’ll probably need to reserve or else queue for ages, as this has blown up since I used to go as a student.”
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“They have shops in a few other places in the city, but I like the one in the 6th best. This is the place to buy your macarons in Paris. ”
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“Every self-respecting Parisian shops at this temple for new brands and vintage! There are so many rooms, each with interesting decor like wooden logs stacked next to sweaters and telephone receivers hanging from the ceiling. It’s all well organized, too: Scarves are tied to poles, plaid shirts are rolled in baskets, and denim is folded on shelves. Go straight to the back for high-waisted leather pants, Levi’s jackets, or 501 shorts for the summer. Anything used is marked with a black tag.”
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“- Lockwood , 73 Rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris Hidden away in one of the best caves in Paris – all stone walls with secretive stone alcoves, Lockwood is a " rocky-cocktails-aperitivo-beverage-sharing dinner plates-fun" Open hour 6.00 pm to 2.00 am ”
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“For breakfast or late brunch with friends. Just around the corner! Don't miss the hazelnut chocolate spread (Belgian chocolate) :o) 2min walking distance”
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“Less famous than Ladurée but better in taste (every macaron is a little cake combinaison of amazing flavor), highly recommended!”
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“My favorite BAKERIES : •Maison Kayser open on Monday - 16 rue des Petits carreaux (Opening Hours : 7am to 8h30pm, closed on Sunday).”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Everything from cheeses, fruit and veggies, fish, meats, wine... also some very nice cafés and bars.”
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“The nearest boulangerie is just down the street. They have great baguettes and pastries!”
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Cupcake Shop
“the best éclair. On saturday and sunday, they also do brunch (19€) in the boutique located 31 rue Lepic 75018 Paris.”
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“A wide range of authentic great cheese, and good advises as well if you need. Don’t move and say cheese! ”
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“A popular wine bar with some table outside. Next to G.IV, Caminito and others.”
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“Charcuterie dish for two : 8.50€ Cheese dish for two : 8.50€ One glass of Corbières red wine : 3€ Best time to go there : morning time and quick lunch.”
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Tailor Shop
“This luxury fashion house’s range of iconic scarves and carrés (square silk scarves) are made from the finest materials. The wool and cashmere come from the best farmers and weavers around. And the finishings are immaculate, right down to the braided fringe, which never unravels, even with long wear. The very deep, almost Bordeaux red scarf is my favorite. On one side, there’s a bit of pink, and on the other, violet. And then, right at the edge, you see the Hermès red.”
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“My favorite typical French bistrot: the food is delicious of course, but if you look up you will see that the room is also wonderful.”
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