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Shopping in Acropolis District, Athen

Die besten Geschäfte

“All day bar located in the center of Athens that offers unique cocktails made by distinguished bartenders. ”
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“A summertime favourite in the Gazi district - beautiful ‘garden’ in a multi-purpose venue, serving a range of drinks and cocktails with a cool grown-up vibe.”
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“For all kind of flavors and dishes located in the heart of the historic center of Athens.”
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“One of the most popular bakeries in Athens; Takis bakery serves more than 30 different types of bread everyday. ”
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“One of my favorite wine bars in Athens. I really like their smart name (Oinos is the Greek word for wine). Here you can find a big variety of wines from around the world (1000+ labels). In addition you can accompany your glass of wine with a plateau of cheese and relax in a non-smoking area. My personal best is a bottle of Malbec Natural (2017) P.S Oinoscent recently expanded and now there is also a wine restaurant addition next to the previous wine bar!”
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Meze Restaurant
“Meet Balls with sauce , Pastrami , Dolmades , Ternera Guisada , Rollitos De cecina , Tagliere Misto , Fried Cheese , Greek Salad ....”
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“Looks like it is coming out of a fairy tale! This small coffee shop is decorated throughout the year with Christmas ornaments for those who like Christmas you are going to love it. A variety of coffees, teas cake and cupcakes are made for any kind of taste. ”
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“This is hands down the best sweets shop in town, offering you a huge variety of diabetes inducing options. Go there on an empty stomach and get ready to eat some of the most amazing sweets a place can offer.”
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“The most elegant department store in Athens. If you search for designers clothes you should come by this store.”
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“Electronics, Books, Video Games an excellent Cafe with a great view of Syntagma Square!”
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“High end , mainly clothing, accessories, cosmetics, cafe & restaurant. 12 minutes away very near to Syntagma sqr.”
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“Monastiraki is a flea market neighborhood in the old town of Athens, Greece, and is one of the A can't-miss spot of the city of Athens, Monastiraki Square was and still is a boiling cauldron of peoples, ideas, civilizations, and religions.”
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“The most exclusive and centrally located shopping center. 5 min walk from Urban Oasis. Here you will find a nice selection of alternative souvenirs, the modern designer kind :) it's called Forget Me Not.”
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“Attica justly enjoys the reputation as Athens’ most fashionable and glamorous shopping center.”
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“Historic neighborhood located at the base of the hill topped by the Acropolis.”
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