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Parks und Natur in Chaoyang

Erstklassige Parks

“北海公园)畅观(家)花园阳台房钓鱼台插花摄影旅行家位于三环内距离故宫,北海7公里北京下雪5分钟达紫竹院玉渊潭。 位于西三环内城市中心富有艺术感的公寓,无需与房东或房客共享空间,北京下雪了. ”
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“One of the best view in Beijing! Go enjoy the sunrise and/or the sunset, specially when the sky is clear you have an amazing view on the Forbidden City and the rest of the city.”
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“Beihai Park: This park neighbours Jingshan, so to get there take the same route but the entrance will be on your right. The park rings Beihai lake, and is a beautiful walk in nice weather. Entrance 2RMB”
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Historische Stätte
“This is a touristy scene, but not as busy as all other parks around ring 2, it only gets busy when there is event, I recumbent to visit in the morning, to see how people doing there morning activities, playing music, dance, workout, kongfu etc etc, if you are not interested on this, try to enter afternoon, There is a traditional restaurant I always always like to go, right in front of the gate. combine this to is a great plus. the restaurant is lighted with red lamp at the outside , its name is called jingdingxuan, I will mark it as well..”
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“Nice place to embrace Chinese culture to see families hanging out there. Swimming pool open in the summer, it may be a bit crowded though.”
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“A famous public lake park with many bars, live shows. Good for a walk after dinner around the lake. This place was the residential area of the nobles and high ranking officials in the old times. ”
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