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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen für Gärten

“Taken over by Mark di Suvero in 1986, this is one of the few locations in the city specifically designated for artists to create outdoor works. The splendid Queens space looks out over the Manhattan skyline and is open 365 days a year.”
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“One of the park’s best-kept secrets. Open the iron gate, made in Paris in 1894, on Fifth Avenue and 104th Street, and be transported to Italy, France, and England by way of the Central Park Conservatory Gardens. Comprising three gardens with distinct styles—Italian (tiered hedges and a 12-foot-high jet fountain), French (Walter Schott’s romantic Three Dancing Maidens sculpture), and English (shrubs and perennial plants)—this attraction brings a piece of Europe to the U.S”
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Amerikanisches Restaurant
“Great food. Super nice staff. Neighborhood favorite. Just across the street from the flat. Nice patio.”
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Botanical Garden
“Beautiful place for relaxation and enjoying nature. It's definitely a nice change in the middle of a busy city. only 10 minutes drive ”
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“Beautiful garden, 5-10 walk from your stay! Perfect for a picnic or a place to read a book and get some sun! ”
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“Used the TRAM with your metrocard and enjoy a fun moment from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island, walk to the south and take one of the best shoots in the city at 4 Freedoms Park State a beautiful memorial designed by the famous architect Louis Kahn”
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“Grab a coffee across the street at Little Canal or Cafe Grumpy and relax on a bench under the trees.”
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“Out of all the community gardens in the East Village, this is my favorite. It's coiffed and pruned and boasts and adorable little treehouse with a lounge and plenty of reading material. The latest addition: a big bullfrog in the fish pond.”
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“Great spot right next to the train station. Try their cake truffels or bagel bombs! You won't regret it.”
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“The Bronx Brewery is the place for Bronx brewed beer. Check out their website as they have events often. The people working and drinking are friendly and curious locals.”
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“Just 3 minutes on the train (Jefferson st) will take you to an amazing local area of artistic expression. In one street you will see an explosion of colors on the walls of buildings in the form of amazing graffiti. People come here with tour groups to see this - for you its a free bonus of staying in this neighborhood. There is a number of restaurants to choose from. So definitely worth spending one afternoon or evening here!”
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“Visiting this museum might be the best way to learn the essence of East Village short of assimilating into an artist’s squat or chaining yourself to a tree in a community garden. The museum is housed in well-known C-Squat, which was sold by the government to a non-profit for $1 in 2002, and now is being turned into a low-income co-op for the squatters who live there. The museum itself showcases New York’s recent history of protests, grassroots movements, and environmental activism.”
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“A small but lovely little public garden that is incredibly well cared for. It's a wonderful place to sit and relax. You may even forget you're in downtown Manhattan!”
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“A great peaceful place to reflect upon the concrete jungle while taking in some fresh air and nature. just walk by to see if the gate is open.”
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“Path train to New York City. You will need to buy a metro card, which will be charged when you use this train, and again if you switch to the NYC subway system- so load up appropriately! ”
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