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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen für Gärten

“Green garden with small canals and the beautiful castle on top of the hill next to the zoo”
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Botanical Garden
“The big botanic gardens have beautiful inside and outside areas. inside is almost a little jungle in the middle of Aarhus filled with plants. A few minutes away by foot”
  • Von 118 Einheimischen empfohlen
“A very special castle with nice surroundings as well as cozy café. There is a lake close by and also paths for taking a walk.”
  • Von 13 Einheimischen empfohlen
“afholder ofte gode forestillinger hvor publikum er tæt på skuespillerne og giver fornemmelse for drama når det er bedst live og tæt på”
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“The university garden is truly a hidden gem in Frederiksberg in spring and summer. It has a pond, a rose garden, colourful flower beds and a cozy café ”
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“Stunning, yet so hidden. Not many people know that this fantastic place exist even though it's located dead-centre in Copenhagen! Head away from the crowds and take some me-time and calm down in the midst of this beautiful garden. ”
  • Von 29 Einheimischen empfohlen
Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“Beautiful area for a day at the beach, a lovely walk, a good dinner at Charlottenlund Fort Restaurant (a little city break) ”
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“This place is a must-go-to for foodies. Amazing seasonal vegetarian food. Be aware that you have to buy tickets in advance. The restaurant is located on a rooftop and is a part of a self providing garden community. You are dinning at a community table surrounded by greens.”
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“Sitt ute på innergården och njut av goda bakverk. Smörgåsarna tar ett tag att bli klara, men är mycket goda. Passa på at köpa med dig plantor och kryddor från handelsträdgården. ”
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“So pretty! walk through this old garden on your way to the Black Diamond library.”
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“Great place to relax and is has an amazing view to the Royal Opera across the canal.”
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“This is the probably the best hidden secret in the city. You would never know its there - But now you do :)”
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“This is where the stop for bus 2A is located (at the end of the park - towards Godthåbsvej). The bus things you to the city centre past the lakes (10 mins).”
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“A big and beautiful park. Not to crowded and with many small secret corners.”
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