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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen für Gärten

“If you are a runner or simply want to enjoy nature and stroll around. It is 30 minutes walk from the flat, on the way to reach Duomo Cathedral ”
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Historische Stätte
“a hillside estate in the town of Gardone Riviera overlooking the Garda lake. It is where the Italian writer Gabriele d'Annunzio lived after his defenestration in 1922 until his death in 1938. References to the Vittoriale range from a “monumental citadel” to a “fascist lunapark”, the site inevitably inheriting the controversy surrounding its creator.”
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“Punta Balbianello is a promontory that sticks out into Lake Como near the town of Lenno. This promontory can be reached via a beautiful trail that winds from the bay at Lenno through some gorgeous woodland – this walk is a highlight and is perfect for those who enjoy hiking. Located on the Punta is the Villa Balbianello – this Baroque villa complex was constructed during the 18th century over the original site of a monastery. From this villa you are granted with some sublime views of Lake Como – the various terraces open out onto the lake and you can see for miles across to the opposite shore and the towns of Vergonese and Bellagio.”
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“Incredible garden, very nice experience in every season, overall in springtime”
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“The islands are worth a visit. Beautiful places and gardens with white peacocks.”
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“wwf park created at the ancient peat quarries: walkways and piers and bridges overlook various tanks where various species of birds, fish and frogs live.”
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Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“Palazzo Te suggella il periodo d'oro della famiglia Gonzaga che resse per circa 4 secoli i destini della città Lombarda, quando Mantova si propose come una delle culle del Rinascimento Italiano”
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“Villa Monastero is one of the most interesting attractions of our territory thanks to its strategic location, its history and its landscape.”
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“This is a secret spot in the heart of Milan, so beautiful and quiet, highly recommended for a break whilst walking in the centre”
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“Very nice park! If you want to swim, there's a beautiful public pool in the middle of the park.”
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Public Art
“it's a fairy tale. A place where art, wood, water and the land of melt, intertwine, mix to explode in an enchanted village in the middle of a forest”
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“Il principale Parco cittadino, perfetto per fare una camminata/corsa in mezzo al verde e piante secolari.”
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“From the outside, you can see flamingos drinking from the little pool of water in the garden, right in downtown Milan!”
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