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Bars und Nachtleben in Metropolitan City of Venice

Erstklassige Bars

Italienisches Restaurant
“Crossing the bridge of the Malvasia, you find yourself on the Fondamenta degli Ormesini: this long street beside the canal ["fondamenta"] has become a hot spot of Venetian night life in recent years. Here you will find a whole series of ethnic restaurants and, with its Venetian cuisine and live music, "Paradiso Perduto" is one of the most popular meeting places in the entire city.”
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“this restaurant is famous for two things: aperitifs and meat! if you would like eating good meat with vegetables and a good wine, this is one of the best places in Venice! located in Fondamenta degli Ormesini: a very lively and busy place in the evening. I recommend to book”
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“Historical family run patisserie with amazing pastries and coffee at a budget price.”
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“there is a beautiful little campo with a well in front of this restaurant from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Ponte di Rialto!”
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Trattoria / Osteria
“The best "cicchetti" in Venice ! (Cicchetti are little taste of food, similar to spanish tapas) Go and taste a selection of them!”
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“"The oldest and most popular coffeehouse in the world, right in Saint Mark's Square" The oldest coffeehouse in the world, the Florian was founded in Saint Mark’s square in 1720. Since its foundation, it has become a reference in Venice and in Europe, due to its innovations and its role as the Venetian meeting point for celebrities, artists, and luminaries from all over the world. Creator of the Biennale and first Cafe to have a permanent orchestra, “Caffè Florian” offers the possibility to grab a quick coffee, but it is known also for its a cocktail, breakfast or a full meal. Be aware this Caffè is very expensive, but it offers an amazing experience! Plunge into this unique atmosphere and breathe history, elegance, and beauty.”
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“This is a Great place if you want try tasty cicchetti paired with hight quality wines bio!”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“in my opinion, one of the best places in Mestre and Venice! The food is good and not that expensive. You can drink one of the finest Spritz here! And you must try the cicchetti: polpette di carne and mozzarella in carrozza (which comes in different versions). If you want to have dinner or lunch, it’s highly recommended to reserve a table!”
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Night Club
“The name says it all ... small in size and world because there are people of all nationalities, regulars, passing people, but also famous people. The retro style, the friendly and polite staff, the good music makes it the ideal place to spend a nice evening drinking a good cocktail. ”
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Night Club
“Senza dubbio uno dei maggiori punti di riferimento per gli amanti del jazz. Tutte le sere (esclusi il giovedì e la domenica) ottima musica dal vivo accompagnata dalla cena o da un cocktail.”
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Night Club
“Sonorità dance e dj set internazionali in una spaziosa discoteca alla moda, aperta nel 1961, con piscina.”
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Night Club
“Uno dei locali più Trendy della vita mondi jesolana. Ambiente elegante, con ampia area giardino attrezzata con gazebo, lounge bar. Un luogo imperdibile per chi viene a Jesolo per la prima volta ma anche irrinunciabile per chi già lo conosce.”
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“Spazio multifunzionale, struttura molto accogliente, che oltre all'ottima ristorazione, un menù variegato tra cucina e pizzeria, offre servizi alla clientela per accontentare ogni genere d’età. Per gli adulti, sale riservate e tranquille. Per i più piccini, una sala dedicata, dove animatrici qualificate si occupano di far divertire e mangiare i Vs bambini. E poi per i più giovani, e non, la zona disco, dove in diverse serate vengono proposte tipologie diverse di divertimento e musica.”
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“Local that fascinates for the amazing amazing view! at Sunset it is something that tears your bowels. cocktails are good even if a little expensive (from 14 Euro upwards >>>>>>>>) ... but the view is priceless! ”
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Night Club
“Una delle grandi discoteche in Jesolo - animata tutta l'estate. Servita da bus/navetta. One of the big discos in Jesolo - full of young people from the whole region all summer. Bus/shuttle.”
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Opera House
“One of the most beautiful theaters in the world. If there is a show that you can enjoy going half an hour before the show, you can often find cheaper places. If you are a student the tickets cost 10€”
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“If you want to listen to live music, and taste some good sandwiches I recommend to try Al Vapore pub”
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Amerikanisches Restaurant
“Near Piazza San Marco, young music, very crowded from Friday to Sunday. Good hamburger.”
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“THE place to eat in Mestre area! Still innovative after so many years. Ideal for celebrations.”
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Opera House
“Ottimo ristorante di carne e strepitosi i premiati cocktail del barman Gennaro”
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“Built by Doge Vitale Falier in the 11th century, Chiesa di San Vidal got a 1706–14 Palladian facelift to comemmorate Doge Francesco Morosoni's victory over Turkish foes. ”
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“a lot of fun on Friday night, live music every week after 10pm, look them up on fb.”
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