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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen für Museen

Government Building
“A beautiful historic place with amazing architecture and Russian soul. Plenty of shops, souvenirs, caffées near and sightseeing near of it.”
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“The State Tretyakov Gallery is an art gallery in Moscow, Russia, the foremost depository of Russian fine art in the world.”
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Opera House
“Enough Said. Tickets on sale nearby, to the left if facing the Theatre. Possible to buy online”
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“Lots of exhibitions and permanent collections are represented. Famous place in Moscow. ”
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“Tsaritsyno is located in the south of Moscow and includes an architectural complex of the late 18th century, Greenhouses, Historical Landscaped Park with ponds and new park zones with Light dynamic fountain. The territory covers 405 hectares. The palace complex created as a suburb residence of the Empress Catherine II. It was designed and built by the architect Vasily Bazhenov. Later the new Grand Palace by Matvey Kazakov became the center of composition. The buildings were not completed. After the Empress’s death work stopped.”
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“There are modern art exhibitions, movie theater, art books and souvenirs store, cafe. This place is located in a big and beautiful park. Really lovely and quite hipster :D I highly recommend this place.”
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“Более 5,000 экспонатов современного искусства. Кроме того, здесь регулярно проводятся выставки, посвященные современному искусству. Experts identify the main masterpieces of the branch on the Crimean shaft: "Black Suprematist square" by Kazimir Malevich (hall 6); "Composition VII" by Vasily Kandinsky (hall 9); "On the town" by Marc Chagall (hall No. 9); "Bathing the red horse" Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin (hall № 13); "Future pilots" by Alexander Deineki (hall 16). ”
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“ Day 2 If the weather is snowy enough, get out of the city center to enjoy its exotic winter beauty. Kolomenskoye and Tsaritsyno estates are easily accessible by metro and have both natural and architectural things to see. There is also an indoors option for this day - the Tretyakov Gallery. A good guide can bring a lot more to the visit, but if your friends are experienced museum goers they can be good on their own. Note that the Gallery is closed on Monday. ”
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History Museum
“State historical Museum-one of the best museums in the country, located in the heart of the capital on red square. The unique exhibition reflects all the milestones in the history of Russia from ancient times to the beginning of the 20th century, the Museum collections contain more than 5 000 exhibits. The historical Museum is the largest Museum in Russia. The Museum was founded by the decree of Emperor Alexander II on February 21, 1872, and the first visitors were received on may 27, 1883. In 1990 the building of the state Historical as a part of objects of red square is entered in the list of monuments of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO.”
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“One of the most beautiful Moscow view. You should stand on the other side of the pond from Monastery.”
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“From 1703 to 1810, Arkhangelskoye belonged to the Golitsyns. In 1810, Prince Nikolai Yusupov bought the estate, which stayed in the Yusupov family until the Russian Revolution. In 1917, the Yusupovs' property was nationalized by the Bolsheviks. Today, Arkhangelskoye is a state museum. The estate is built in a neoclassical style by Jacob Guerne, with the prominent palace facing the Moscow river and a regular terraced park decorated with many antique statues. Other structures of note include a small palace named the Caprice, monuments to Catherine the Great and Alexander Pushkin and an 18th-century theatre designed by famous Italian theater set designer Pietro Gonzaga (1751–1831).”
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“Multicolored domes top this 16th-century former cathedral on Red Square that now contains a museum of the church.”
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“the most interesting orthodox church in the world you have probably seen in the Internet and postcards - 7 churches in one - 16th centure”
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“Modern Art Gallery with great choice of photo exibitions. I realy love it. My favorite museum in Moscow”
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“ A museum that will tell you everything about the first flights into space. 10 minutes on foot.”
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“на Пречистенке находятся старинные усадьбы и особняки 17-19 века,в некоторых расположены музеи. Прогуляйтесь Пречистенке и переулкам и вы почувствуете атмосферу старинной Москвы.”
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