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Parks und Natur in Municipio II

Erstklassige Parks

“Villa Borghese is a large city park in the city of Rome that includes green accommodation of different types, from the Italian garden to the large areas of English style, buildings, small buildings, fountains and lakes. It is the fourth largest public park in Rome (about 80 hectares), after the public part of the Regional Park of Ancient Appia, villa Doria pamphilj and villa Ada and extends largely on the district of Pinociano and in small part on the district Campo Marzio, divided by the Aurelian Walls.”
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“Nice and big park. It has a bunker, built in the early 1940s to protect the King and Queen during the war.”
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“Villa Torlonia, the most recent of the villas belonging to Rome’s nobility, still retains a particular fascination due to the originality of its English-style garden (one of the few examples in the city), and to the unexpectedly large number of buildings and garden furniture in the grounds. The attractions of the site are the Casino Nobile (the home of the Villa Museum and the collection of works by the Roman School), the Casino dei Principi (used for exhibitions and the home of the Roman School Archive), and the Museum of the Casina delle Civette.”
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“Very nice and big park in Rome and in summer they organise concert open air.”
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“It’s one of the most magical place in Rome. A perfect mix between Versailles and Harry Potter!”
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“It is a beautiful green spot blended with incredible architettonic Beauties! Museo delle Civette Casino di Villa Torlonia Teatro di Villa Torlonia but to relax you have inside as well restaurant, coffee and good brunches”
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“A good place to rest at lunch time, eat a sandwich on a bench under the sun and relax walking across the small wood..”
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“SECRET ROME, This is the secret neighbourhood of Rome. Coppedè, brainchild of architect Gino Coppedè (built 1913-1927), is a jumble of historic styles such as Art Nouveau, medieval, Baroque and ancient Greek all whipped together in a dramatic frenzy. Nature is the principal inspiration; daring and eccentric curved lines seek freedom from tradition, coexisting with modern sensuous ironwork.”
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“This is without any doubt our favourite bar in all of Rome. It’s off the main drag so is only for the hip cognoscenti. Great staff, music, cocktails, craft beers - and the ‘trapizzini’ are stunning.”
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“Take a stroll in Villa Borghese and think it was the private garden of noble family.”
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