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Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“Taj mahal of negros, amidst the cruelties of life and world war ll , built in early 1900 , best landmark in the philippines,top 12 best ruins in the whole world. Open 8am - 8 pm Entrance fee for adult- 100 Student-60 Children-20 15 min. Ride from the subdivision”
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History Museum
“For a quick history of the province, visit the Negros Museum located in the former Agricultural Building located at Gatuslao Street. Entrance fee is Php 50 with a discounted rate of Php for Senioer Citizens and Php 20 for students and children.”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“ QUICK FACTS: 1. The activity site is situated in Brgy. Tan-awan in the town of Oslob, a remote part of Cebu that is 3-4 hours away from the city or 4-5 hours drive from Mactan Airport. 2. Diving and snorkeling are limited in time and people, and done by batch. Each batch has 30 minutes to watch or swim with the whale sharks. Prior to that, there is an informative talk and presentation about the Whale Sharks and STRICT RULES to be observed during the activity. 3. All the Whale Sharks at the Oslob Whale Shark Snorkel tour are wild animals and come and go as they please. The floats you see on the surface are merely marking the area for motorized boats to stay away. 4. All the boats used in the activity, at the feeding area, are paddled using wooden oars — leaving no harmful chemicals unlike boat propellers. 5. There are marine biologists in the area monitoring the water activity. Images are taken each day in water and using astrological mapping – map the whale shark spots. 6. The Whale Shark Watching tour provides many benefits including, but not limited to, providing a larger source of income and employment to a town that historically has a high unemployment rate and also a knock-on effect for the entire economy of Cebu. It encourages the local and foreign visitors alike to advocate in the preservation of the Whale Sharks and minimizes the fishing of these gentle giants in many countries. How to get there? (It is advisable to visit only on weekdays and early in the morning as the place is usually very crowded in the middle of the day) BY BUS: From the South Bus Terminal (near Emall), ride a Ceres bus going to “Bato-Oslob”. All buses bound for Oslob operate 24/7. Bus fare is ~₱155 /head (one-way). Inform the driver to drop you off at the main Whale Shark activity site. BY CAR: Road trips are fun, especially if you’re going south. Make sure to navigate via Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Oslob Whale Shark Watching”. Travel time from City is approximately 2.5 Hours”
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“This is at the heart of the City and mostly accessible to public transport. It showcases Local Ilonggo artists and special arts and crafts of Iloilo.”
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“Hop on to nearby Silay City, 30 minutes away from Bacolod. You will have so much to do here if you want to learn more about the history of Silay and Bacolod. This area is dubbed as the seat of arts, ecotourism, and culture in Western Visayas and this city is among the two Museum Cities which is widely known as the National Historical Institute which has over 30 heritage houses and museum. You will go back in time when you walk along the street of Silay.”
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History Museum
“A must visit. It exhibits many of the country’s artifacts. It was established in 1970 by Dr. Hubert I. Reynolds to house the collection of the Cultural Research Center that started in 1964. The collection that can be found here are rare and priceless which dates back as early as 200 BC.”
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Outdoor Sculpture
“Nice illumination, only opened for visitors during Christmas season. Small admission fee. The Christmas house is the private residence of Dr. Absin, an anesthesiologist, with an obsession for decoration and for collecting antiques.”
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History Museum
“Used to be a little known cafe--this cafe got popular due to it's good food.”
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