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Aktivitäten in Panama City

Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen

Vom Sightseeing bis hin zu versteckten Juwelen: Finde mit der Hilfe von erfahrenen Einheimischen heraus, was die Stadt einzigartig macht.
“Caso Viejo...Walk an area full of colonial-style buildings. You will find great restaurants, bars, and discos. Is a place for everyone.”
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“The Panama Canal is an interoceanic navigation route between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean that crosses the Isthmus of Panama at its narrowest point, whose length is 82 km.1 Considered as one of the great works of world engineering of the twentieth century”
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“Upscale shopping mall of more than 150 stores, 50 name-brand shops, 30 restaurants. supermarket, and cinemas.”
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“People come from all over for better price and the variety of brands and products.”
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“The Biomuseo is Panama City’s most renowned museum. Located in the exclusive area of Amador, it was designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry, and is made up of eight galleries that focus on the origins of the Panamanian isthmus and its impact on the planet’s biodiversity. After visiting the museum, take a short walk in the Garden of Biodiversity and enjoy the quiet away from the chaos of the city.”
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Historische Stätte
“The city of Panama was founded in 1519 by Spanish conqueror Pedro Arias de Ávila, and became the first European settlement along the Pacific shore. Panama prospered for over 150 years under the rule of Spain, thanks to the export of Peruvian gold and silver to Europe, though the city was subsequently sacked and relocated to what is today known as Casco Viejo. Though much of the ancient town is buried, the ruins of Panama Viejo, a UNESCO heritage site, is the oldest monument you will find in Panama City.”
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“great food great service and one of the first rooftop in the area with a great View”
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“Metropolitan Nature Park is the nearest protected area to Panama City, though easily accessible, The park is best enjoyed with a Naturalist guide, We offer a led Metropolitan Park Exploration, in our experience section. Led by a Renowned Naturalist Guide.”
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“If you want to shop where Panamanians shop, this is the place. Might be a little bit expensive at times. ”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“Great spot to walk and to enjoy the sun in the most modern part of the city”
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“The mall is less than a block away. It has bars, movie theatre, casino, the Hard Rock hotel right next to it, the Megapolis Convention Center on top and stores. ”
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“The street between the islands in the Causeway was constructed with the land extracted in the construction of the Panama Canal”
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“These are the ruins from Panama's first city. It is a historic preservation site with a remarkable view of the coastal belt (Costa Cintera) and the city. It also boasts a fantastic museum that provides a lot of historic information about Panamanian culture. ”
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Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“Wide pedestrian corridor with sea side to side to go walking at sunset and enjoy the wind and sound of palm trees.”
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“To delve a bit deeper into the history of the Panams Canal, head over to Miraflores Visitor Center. It’s a four-story museum that offers a close-up view of the Miraflores locks as well a chance to see the ships as they transit the locks.. Plus, many of the exhibits are interactive, which makes this a great place to take the kids. The museum is affordable, with all-inclusive tickets priced under $15, and they offer information in both Spanish and English. For those interested in the Panama Canal, the Miraflores Visitor Center is a must-see.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“One of the nearest supermarkets. It has a wide variety of high and medium quality food and supplies. It also has a farmacy”
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Erstklassige Restaurants

“great food great service and one of the first rooftop in the area with a great View”
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Sonstiges Nachtleben
“Building five restaurants, one on each floor and a nice rooftop bar with spectacular views of the old town and the ocean!”
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Lateinamerikanisches Restaurant
“Buen Lugar para probar nuestra comida típica en un ambiente acogedor. Su decoración representa nuestra cultura. ”
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“Nación Sushi: Este tambien es de sushi solo que a un precio más accesible. Tiene variedad de platos y opciones la carta...el sushi es más comercial. No encontraras tantas opciones extravagantes jaja.”
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“Until midnight Casa Jaguar serves as a restaurant. But when the clock strikes midnight the place turns into a massive electronic Dance Hall. Perfect for EDM Lovers!”
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“La mejor gastronomía, Libanesa , la ambientación es muy agradable. todos los días shows en vivo ”
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“Great argentinian restaurant just around the corner!! Great for meetings and lively place on wednesdays through the weekend! ”
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“Donde José provides one of the most unique culinary experiences you can have in Panama City with an intimate maximum 16-person seating per meal. They focus on using local Panamanian ingredients and dishes and come out with a new set menu every few months.”
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