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Vom Sightseeing bis hin zu versteckten Juwelen: Finde mit der Hilfe von erfahrenen Einheimischen heraus, was die Stadt einzigartig macht.

“You need to walk for 15 minutes to reach this place. No beach club here, only sea and sand. Be prepared and bring with you your umbrella. ”
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“The solemn Basilica of Santa Croce is a glimpse you don't expect, a sumptuous feast of stone that unfolds in front of the eyes of whoever strolls along Umberto I avenue, not far from Sant'Oronzo square, in Lecce, the very symbol of Lecce's Baroque. Built by the count of Lecce in 1353. The façade is punctuated by a series of columns, featuring a balcony with a balustrade, supported by figured corbels. The triumph of decorations is simply mind-blowing, while at the centre of this explosion of low reliefs and sculptures in Lecce stone stands out a magnificent large rose window fully decorated. The interior features a Latin-cross layout and a hemispherical dome. Definitely worth visiting.”
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“Discoteca all'aperto a Castro. Molto Bella e ampia la location. Outdoor Discoteque in Castro. Very nice and wide location”
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“Go here to have one of the best views and admire one of the highest bridges in the area! Go down from the stairs and make the trekking tour of the canal.”
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“Very nice disco club situated in a magnificent setting. the perfect spot for nightlife lovers”
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“E' la piazza politica della città, dove ha sede il Comune di Lecce. Qui troviamo anche l'Anfiteatro Romano, al centro della piazza il mosaico con la Lupa, simbolo della città. La piazza è ampia e soleggiata; è piacevole godere la sua atmosfera ed alzare lo sguardo per ammirare la grande statua di Sant'Oronzo che benedice la città. It is the city's political square, where the City Council is located. Here there is also the Roman Amphitheater, in the center of the square the mosaic with mum wolf, a symbol of the city. The square is wide and sunny; it is pleasant to enjoy its atmosphere and look up to admire the great statue of Sant'Oronzo that blesses the city.”
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“This beautiful bay has an amazing white beach with cristal waters. Fantastic especially out of season when it is still empty. The town itself holds a small amusement park and a shopping street.”
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“The Maldives Beach Of Salento --- One Of the most Beautifull Beach of Italy !!! ....Maybe of the World !!!! The New York Times wrote that is one of the best of the World !!!!”
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Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“Acqua cristallina che non ha paura delle grandi folle... E tu, saresti disposto ad un tuffetto?”
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“Try to go there either at sunrise or at sunset. This odd-shaped and tucked away piazza will turn a soft salmony color. It is generally very quiet, no cars allowed, and if you sit at the back end of Syrbar, you can sip your drink or eat your lunch while enjoying the architecture and the sky.”
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“Grotta Zinzulusa è un luogo fantastico e affascinante, meta di di tantissimi turisti per ammirare, all'interno, i particolari colori del mare, inoltre la grotta si trova nel comune di Castro dove si può visitare il borgo medievale di notevole interesse storico e architettonico. Zinzulusa Cave is a fantastic and fascinating place, with many tourists to admire, inside, the unique colors of the sea, also the cave is located in the municipality of Castro where you can visit the medieval town of great historical and architectural interest.”
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Military Base
“1 day in Lecce is a must. Choose a day when heat is not much and enjoy one of the most beautiful Italian cities. ”
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“Much beloved from locals for its parties on the beach and superb cocktails. Opening time is June - Sep, 22:00PM - 02:AM”
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“This is a city of rose windows, stone flourishes, garlands, Solomonic columns, small piazzas, and unexpected alleyways. Start your visit by walking under the arch of Porta Napoli and heading into the historic centre along Via Palmieri, flanked by aristocratic palazzos as it leads to Piazza Duomo. Alternatively, if you start at Porta Rudiae, you can abandon the paving stones of Via Libertini and dive into the ancient and intricate labyrinth that is the multi-ethnic Giravolte district, a crucible of ethnicities and cultures today, as it was in the past. You could then continue your tour by exploring the charming alleys and small piazzas, where the local Lecce stone glows pink as the sun sets. The art of marrying simple ingredients to obtain unique flavours is common to the Salento cuisine. But there are three products that are typically paired with the adjective “leccese” (belonging to Lecce): the delicious pasticciotto, a small shortcrust pastry filled with rich custard; cotognata, a type of quince jam that solidifies and is packaged in slabs; and, moving from the sweet to the savoury, the rustic, a favourite mid-morning local snack, this is made at delicatessens from puff pastry stuffed with béchamel, mozzarella, tomatoes, and a pinch of pepper. At Christmas and Easter, a sweet almond paste is a must on every table in town.”
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“The Lecce Cathedral is placed in the old town centre.It was built in 1144.It is far few Km from Piazza Sant'Oronzo, the heart of the city”
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