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Entdecke Rio de Janeiro

Best things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Science Museum
“ Take the elevator and go to the rooftoop to have an amazing view. The access to the rooftoop is for free. The entrance to the museum is for free on tuesdays.”
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Cultural Center
“It is ons of the biggest art centers in the world. It holds art exhibitions, theaters, historial exhibitions, music and other activities. The building located at the heart of the most conserved "old Rio" quarter is also astonishing.”
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“O Museu de Arte Moderna do RIo de Janeiro, a 15 -20 minutos a pé, abriga uma das coletâneas de arte contemporânea mais importante do pais. The Modern Art Museum, a 15-20 minute walk away, houses one of the most important collectioins of contemporary art in Brasil.”
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“Museum of the city or about the artist that use the city of Rio as a muse. Nice exhibitions there!”
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“O Museu foi projetado por Oscar Niemeyer. De Niterói há uma bela vista da cidade do Rio de Janeiro The Museum was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. From Niterói there is a beautiful view of the city of Rio de Janeiro”
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Historische Stätte
“A nive belvedere intalled on the ruins of an old magnificent mansion.. with a 360 degrees wonderful view.”
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“It used to be the residence of the brazilian presidents up to the 1960's, it is within a walking distance from the building.”
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Cultural Center
“Great place to visit when you like photography, as it is this Museum's focus. Set in an elegant house, with an amazing garden and green scenery.”
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“Localizado na Cinelandia, conta com um grande acervo. Located in Cinelandia, it has a great collection.”
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History Museum
“The National Historical Museum of Brazil, was created in 1922, and possesses over 287,000 items, including the largest collection of Latin America.”
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“Tel(21) 3970-1093 European and Brazilian art in the former residence of business man, Raimundo Castro Maia. The house is surrounded by gardens and city views. Original paintings by Brazilian artist Candido Portinari in the permanent collection. Free on Wednesdays.”
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“It is a old library built when Rio was the capital of the Portuguese Empire. It is built on a gothic-manuelin style, the interior makes Hogwarts library seems like simple. Worth a visit!”
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“Established in 1810, this lovely neoclassical buiding houses not one, but two Gutenberg bibles. Guided tours in English in the afternoon. ”
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“O maior Museu de Cultura Popular do Brasil / The Best Brazil's Folk Museum ”
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Cultural Center
“Charmosíssimo espaço cultural em frente à praia de Ipanema, com bar, teatros, cinemas, galerias de arte. Programa ideal para fins de tarde e noites! Very charming cultural space in front of Ipanema beach, with bar, theaters, cinemas, art galleries. Ideal program for late afternoon and evening!”
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