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Parks und Natur in Seattle

Erstklassige Parks

“Once you’re back from your ferry ride, you can make your way to Pioneer Square. This is the most historic area of Seattle, and many of the attractions here revolve around the city’s strange history. There are tons of cool things to see and explore in Pioneer Square, but since you’re short on time, we’ll just hit the highlights for now. • Take the Underground Tour: The Great Seattle Fire happened in 1889 and destroyed half the city. When the city was reconstructed, they built it two stories above the original foundation. The old structures of abandoned shops and buildings remain under the city, and you can explore them on a guided Underground Tour. • Visit an Art Gallery: Pioneer Square is home to 50 art galleries, which represent a variety of eras, art forms, and artists from Seattle and all over the world. Every first Thursday of the month, there’s an Art Walk that includes free parking and admission into the local Pioneer Square galleries. Many cities do some form of an art walk, but Seattle’s was the original and it continues to be a local favorite activity. • Grab a Drink at Seattle’s Oldest Pub: The Central Saloon is Seattle’s oldest pub, built in 1892, and is a historic institution in Pioneer Square and Seattle at large. During the Gold Rush, miners used to kick back here and drink after a long day of work. Today, the pub hosts tons of local live bands and musical artists, and is an important hub for the city’s music scene. ”
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“Public park with a boardwalk & a pair of sculptures, plus views of the skyline & ships in drydock.”
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History Museum
“This is an awesome National Park!! No trees! Just a history of the Gold Rush which made Seattle famous! ”
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“Most of the buses in/out of Magnolia flow through or near this transit hub. You can catch the Light Rail from the airport into Westlake Station and then transfer to the 28, 33, 31. Or do as I do sometimes and grab a Lyft or Uber to get you the lsat few miles.”
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“Weird little waterfall tucked in the city. But very cute and magical. Elm Street Coffee is around the corner!”
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“This fantastic view of Seattle is a little bit of a secret, hidden just south of I-90 off of 12th Ave S. You can pull off and grab a parking spot directly facing one of the most beautiful views in Seattle and there are also a couple benches to grab a seat and relax. I love this spot for sunset! There is also a super popular photo destination around the corner from a bridge over I-90...the Jose Rizal Bridge. You probably passed it on the way to this park and saw people standing on the bridge...leave your car at the park and if you are on 12th with the park on your left, walk down 12th until you come to the first light and take a left onto the bridge and you have arrived (the bridge is also 12th Ave S). You will likely see at least one person with a huge camera taking professional photos :)”
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“beautiful park connecting Hubbell Place n Pike to 6th and Seneca amazing people watching during comicon”
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“The historical birthday of the city of Seattle. Great galleries and unique shops await, as well as the Underground Tour and world famous Salumi. ”
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