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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen für Geschäfte

“The bookstore has been at its current location since 1951 in the heart of Paris and is a must visit for all book lovers, especially for those looking for books in English. ”
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“Laurent Dubois is the equivalent to cheese of a grand chef. He selects the best producers, he creates nice mixes. He is specialized in goat cheese. Incredible experience to taste. ”
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“The best chocolate in the universe. Try it. Take some home. You won’t regret it. ”
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“If you want to buy second-hands books, and books in foreign languages, this is one of the biggest bookstore of Paris.”
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“Fantastic lighter-than air marvels made of meringues and cream. To die for!”
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Organic Grocery
“Best organic food store in all of Paris. Excellent choice of gluten-free breads, cakes and cookies. Great local cheeses and olives. Also home to a well-stocked organic para pharmaceuticals for cosmetics, body care and so on. Usually open 10.00-20.00 Monday to Saturday. ”
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“This little French grocery store as everything you need from food to toiletries. ”
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Mexikanisches Restaurant
“Secret adress for all mexican food lovers. Affordable and with a funny chaotic décor. ”
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Französisches Restaurant
“One of the best “bang for your buck” Michelin rated restaurants in Paris. In the Latin Quarter, near Pantheon area.”
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“Very nice to buy a small Indian dinner or Anglo-Saxon to go, before returning home.”
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“The most little theater in Paris, but one one the most famous: on the stage, 'La cantatrice chauve' of Eugene Ionesco since more than 55 years . Amazing !”
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Auvergnatisches Restaurant
“A quaint restaurant tuck and hidden away from the bustling city. A nice little garden, best place to have a good lunch at a reasonable price”
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“Even better than Pierre Hermé. Degardin will blow you away. He used to be a pastrt chef in a 3 star Michelin restaurant, la Table de Pierre Gagnaire”
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“This one is larger than Carrefour Express, but a bit further. The selection is much larger though and you will find better quality products. Open everyday until midnight.”
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“Very nice restaurant in a very cool area. Not expensive. Enjoy the stake or the burger with a glass of wine. ”
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