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My partner, Michael, and I enjoy hosting guests in our Sydney home. For the past couple years we have spent our summers in Sydney and sailing in the Mediterranean in the Euroean summer. We look f... Erfahre mehr
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Large park in the middle of the city. You can walk there from our home. Lots of activities in the park including bicycles for rent, cafes and horseback riding. There is always an event happening.... Erfahre mehr

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Hip venue with views of the ocean.

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Three Blue Ducks is a small licensed restaurant located up the hill from Bronte Beach in Sydney. Owned by a friendly bunch of guys who take both food and fun seriously, Three Blue Ducks offers some... Erfahre mehr

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Awesome art gallery in an iconic location.

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A ten minute bus ride will get you to Bondi Junction. A great place to stock up on groceries and essentials.

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Take in a show, a tour or just go down and enjoy a drink at the bar. Lovely iconic place.

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Love this old theatre. Prices are reasonable, lots of restaurants nearby or go to the bar above the theatre for a drink.

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World's best bread

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Awesome views.

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This is a beautiful walk that takes you past gorgeous beaches and plenty of places to stop for a coffee or something to eat.

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Iconic Sydney hotel/bar. A must stop for anyone visiting, great place to stop on your Coastal Walk for a refreshing drink.

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This is my local favourite beach. I love to go and watch the surfers and get a coffee from the kiosk. The surf can be a bit rough, but it safest at the north end of the beach.

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A two minute walk and excellent food.

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If you want to really treat yourself or celebrate a special occassion take a seaplane tour and create some life long memories. They have tours that take you up to the northern beaches and inlcude ... Erfahre mehr

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Just a two minute walk form our home you will find this fine dining delight.

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Excellent restaurant and cafe. Great place to stop before or after a visit to Clovelly Beach.

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A must do Sydney attraction. Advance bookings required.

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The southern end of the Coastal walk is Coogee Beach. A beautiful large beach with a rock pool. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants.

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You can walk down to Bronte Beach in less than 15 minutes. The southern corner has a natural rock pool that is usually calm enough for children. There is also an ocean rock pool on the southern e... Erfahre mehr

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Lovely restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great place to stop before or after a visit to Clovelly Beach.

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A sheltered beach great for families.

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Handmade gluten free baked goods using fresh seasonal ingredients and no preservatives. Great coffee too.

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Less than a ten minute walk from our home you find this little treasure. A great place to have a coffee and relax.

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One of the best yoga studios in Sydney and it's right around the corner. Grab a 2 week pass for only $40 and enjoy. They have 2-3 classes per day and provide mats and props at no extra charge.

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Bottle shop, butcher, mini market, yoga studio, laundry mat, hair salon, pharmacy - it's all just two minutes away.

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Best pizza ever. Owners are from Sicily and really know how to make a great pizza. I can't believe this place is just around the corner.

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Catch the 379 to Bondi Junction and then onwards to Bondi Beach or the other direction takes you down to Bronte Beach. The 360 to Bondi Junction or the other direction to Coogee Beach.