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My partner & I work in the film industry & travel a lot (for work & play). We have an awesome home in Bondi & thought we would share the joy with others!

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Head downstairs for a swim in the ocean pool, a sauna with the best view in the world & finish with a coffee on the deck (it may look like a private club... It's not!)

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Our local. Wonderful food, great wine list. A coffee bar by morning, restaurant & upstairs bar by night. Sunday arvo sessions with a DJ on the deck in the setting sun.

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A pot of chai & all the great authors on a stormy winters day.

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A cracker option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 7 days a week. Do yourself a favour....

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Sublime contemporary Middle Eastern fare using fresh, local ingredients. One of the best dinners to be had in the 'hood.

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Fish tacos & poutine.

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Great coffee & breakfast on the way to the beach.

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Coffee & breakfast.

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Intimate, vegan friendly tapas... and rum!

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For all your organic & eco grocery needs.


Kemeny's Supermarket

147 Bondi Road·Karte·

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For all your supermarket needs (with the best selection of wine in town).