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Just a superb spot for live music, night life & great outdoor wharf deck. Hop off the ferry & grab a cool drink. Children eat for free before 6pm, suits Mum & Dad's to a T.

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Best pizza & cocktails at sunset you will find with the most superb water view.

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Best pub grub & iconic hotel for an afternoon refreshment when you leave the beach.

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A short walk or drive to another award winning restaurant. This time Italian style, superb.

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Must see & do. walk, run, drive, cycle your way there & back for a picnic or historic sight seeing of the Australian military defence in WWII. In winter months whale watching is a must.


Manly Wine

$$· 8 - 13 South Steyne, Manly·Karte·Öffnungszeiten·Website·

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Another vantage point, newly styled & offering the best wine bar in the area. one of my personal favourites offering alfresco dining, cool live music or dj's.

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One of my top 2 breakfast spots. Great fresh juices, coffee & breakfast options. Another spot to catch the manly beach view whilst recharging. I recommend afternoon vino & small bites with friends.

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The best coffee in Sydney, I promise. they have a added treat of waffles with Belgium chocolate sauce. The most friendly staff as well.

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One of the new manly local bars, great place any night of the week. Live music & great atmosphere to enjoy your dining & refreshments.

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perfect place to chillout on a Sunday evening with live music, tapas & locals.

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the dining precinct of Manly has some great new residents & this is a very popular & welcome newcomer to the area. South American & mouth watering. Another venue taking full advantage of the view.

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another stunning view of Manly where you get to mingle with the locals.

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If you want to see where the locals hang... pick up some great meats for your bbq, roast dinner if inspired.

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Tacos Tuesday a must. The beef & fish tacos & margueritas recommended.

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Another fabulous coffee & breakfast spot adding lane way culture to manly. Try their honey buzz smoothie

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Find the tracks or ask around, everyone knows the Manly to Spit Bridge walk - 10kms one way through the national park & coastal walk. Grab a bus back to manly unless you are in training for a tri.

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for the extra healthfood conscious

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All you need in a bakery - The best fruit loaf & authentic artisan sour dough, croissants, the list goes on! great sunny spot , coffee, sandwiches and afternoons pastry treats.

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Only west facing beach on the east coast of Australia! A must see & do. great ocean side walk from main groove of manly, or for the fit, swim from manly so you can try to catch our local groper.

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Tennis anyone? Tennis racket & balls provided in the unit.

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For a round of 9 or 18.

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Stylish retail shopping for brands and more.

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another great beach to bask in the sun if the onshore wind is coming from the north. Ocean pool as well right here & a hole in the rock wall you can venture through at low tide.

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Need a massage! This is the spot. Check booking times at the shop front or with the friendly specialists as these are highly sought after for all locals.

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Must do walk from Manly, and another beach. If you are feeling energetic try walking to spit bridge.

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The best qualified yoga for all levels. Must book as there is a lot of zen in Manly.

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Another local & must stop for your weekend papers, reading material.

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A stunning & unique gallery as you meander through the lane ways of manly with a takeaway coffee.



42 The Corso·Karte·

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ice-cream, needs no explanation!


Willow Hair

11-15 Wentworth Street·Karte·Öffnungszeiten·

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For a new style-do, the best scalp massages and in rialto plaza for more of the café scene to immerse yourself in during your stay.


Manly Wharf - Quarantine Station

Manly Wharf - Quarantine Station·Karte·

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An historic site for sight seeing. They have now a restaurant, cafes and accommodation on site. If you dare, they have a ghost tour for the adventurous.


Rialto Ln

Rialto Ln·Karte·

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Rialto Square.. one of my favourite spots in Manly to immerse yourself in local café scene. various shops line the intimate 'european style' square


Manly Bowls Club

26 Faine Street·Karte·Öffnungszeiten·

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a touch of barefoot bowls is just 80 metres away.