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You must climb The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Touristy? Yes. Pricey? Yes. But there is no better way to see Sydney. Check out to book.

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A very iconic bar in Manly - great for a sunset drink and dinner. Thursday is $10 steak night. Pizza is awesome here too.

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Awesome zoo with amazing views of the Harbour. Great for kids and adults alike. Don't miss the Seal Show, The bird Show and the Elephants getting bathed. Get a Ferry from Manly Wharf to Circular Qu... Erfahre mehr

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Oh I love this place. Seriously good Mexican. Get there at 6pm or else you'll be lining up. Margheritas are delicious. Try the Carne Fries. Holy guacamole!!!

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If you feel like treating yourself, this is my favourite restaurant in Sydney. Just a 15 minute walk away with views across Freshwater Beach this place is seriously special. The food is to die for.... Erfahre mehr

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Great walks and drives through this area. The view from the point is absolutely spectacular. You can see miles and miles of the South Coast as well as the Sydney CBD. Not to be missed.

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Beautiful beach just a 10-15 minute walk away. Has a great Ocean pool and generally quieter than Manly/Queenscliff.

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Great for fresh produce and just a 5 minute walk away. Butcher, Seafood, Fruit and Veg, Florist, and excellent coffee out the front. Plenty of parking as well.


Manly Wine

$$· 8 - 13 South Steyne, Manly·Karte·Öffnungszeiten·Website·

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Right on Manly Beach, this is a great place for a night out. Lovely food and drinks with a really cool vibe. Trendy!

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Very nice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - turns into a wine bar in the evenings, which is very pleasant.

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Palm Beach is probably our favourite spot in Sydney. It's absolutely stunning with plenty to do - perfect spot for a day trip. For any Home and Away fans, this is where it is filmed. Walk to the li... Erfahre mehr

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Very cool Japanese fusion. Book ahead as this place is always booked out. And try the cheeseburger Gyoza. Trust me.

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Terrific for a night out but be prepared for a large meal! American style cuisine.

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This is a local gem. No tourists in sight. Amazing spot to watch the sunset whilst having a few drinks and some dinner. Family friendly!

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Terrific salads for lunch - highly recommend!

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Very nice Sushi - reasonably priced.

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Great coffee, great breakfast, and away from the busy tourist areas.

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A local favourite - we often go here for breakfast on a Saturday morning. Highly recommend!


Manly Wharf

Parks & NaturAlles andere in Parks & Natur
Belgrave Street and W. Esplanade·Karte·

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From Manly Wharf you can catch a ferry directly into the City. The Fast Ferry takes around 15 minutes and the slow ferry takes 45 minutes. The views of Sydney Harbour are spectacular. You can also ... Erfahre mehr

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Nice coffee and food, but service can be hit and miss.

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This place is right next door and is awesome! Amazing food and coffee in a gorgeous environment. Perfect for Breakfast and Lunch - or just to stop by for a coffee. Lots of healthy options. Everythi... Erfahre mehr

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This is the main shopping strip in Manly. It connects Manly Wharf to Manly Beach. Very touristy but you'll find plenty of shopping offerings. My tips is to check out the laneways. That's where the ... Erfahre mehr

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A large shopping centre and movie theatre. Catch the 155 bus from straight outside the Emporio directly to the Mall.

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Bread. Pastry. Coffee. Yum.

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A very popular cafe in the area that has excellent service and breakfasts

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Really nice for a healthy breakfast and lunch. Can get very busy!

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Very family friendly restaurant where kids eat free some nights

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Great coffee and breakfast

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Walk along the esplanade all the way to Shelly Beach. We love this walk and do it frequently. It's an easy 5km for the return trip. Great for people watching and the scenery is beautiful! Stop by T... Erfahre mehr

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Good for a quick shop if you're passing by but the Woolworths in Balgowlah is much better for bigger shops.