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I live in a waterside apartment in inner city Sydney, with my husband, and a small friendly dog. I'm an urban type. My career has been in the arts and education. I'm a high school english teacher... Erfahre mehr

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Top pick. Superb NSW State Art collection, in a grand building located in a scenic spot. Enjoy the art, the restaurant and cafes, and take a walk outside in the Royal Botanic Gardens, or by Wo... Erfahre mehr

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Exceptionally lovely gardens on the shore of Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour), opposite the Art Gallery, adjacent to the Opera House and Circular Quay. The Gardens shop is excellent for tasteful souv... Erfahre mehr

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This Contemporary Art gallery is exciting, edgy and brilliantly located on the harbour shore between Circular Quay and The Rocks. It has two smart eateries as well.

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MUST DO!! Go to a concert (there are all genres), a play or the Opera. If that's not your bag, focus on the building. Take a tour and then enjoy the ambience at one of the outdoor restaurants and... Erfahre mehr

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Great mix of bars restaurants, kids parks, street performers, events, fireworks every Saturday's just round the corner. Don't miss the Maritime Museum, and the Aquarium. King St Wharf... Erfahre mehr

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It's world famous and it should be. Don't miss it, and allow a half day or more. You can catch the 389 bus from the corner of Harris St, or hitch a ride any Saturday morning with Michael, who is a... Erfahre mehr

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The coolest, most interesting and enlivening gallery to hit Sydney for years. Great area for a walkaround.

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Newtown is an individual hip strip of restaurants, bars, bakeries, pubs, funky clothing, tattoo parlours, theatres and a cinema. It's a great spot for anyone to browse, but proximity to Sydney Uni ... Erfahre mehr

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It's ALIVE. It's busy and crowded and noisy and exciting, and just five minutes away. The array of fish is unbelievable. You can admire the produce then join the throng on the outdoor tables by the... Erfahre mehr

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The Casino is NOT the reason I recommend this. Try instead the array of restaurants and the amazing food court, where you'll get dumplings like no others at Dai Tin Fung, ice cream that redefines ... Erfahre mehr

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This refurbished industrial site is now a lively foodie's hub, with a huge range of restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and bars, jumping with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. It's urba... Erfahre mehr

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There's no way to describe Sydney's Chinatown. Just go there! It's busy, especially early evenings and weekends. It's jam packed with millions of people, and restaurants of such a huge variety yo... Erfahre mehr

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It's just a walk away, and as well as the internal exhibitions also has a variety of vessels on the wharves outside.

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Funky local wine bar, in an old sandstone building, with a courtyard. Great for all ages, busy busy after work scene on Fridays. Sit out with your beer or wine and watch the world pass at quieter... Erfahre mehr

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Large cheerful family friendly Italian eatery, always good for a carb hit. It's great traditional Italian food. Avoid the high chair session at 6pm if you want to be romantic. Otherwise, enjoy the... Erfahre mehr

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This is a $$$$ spot for a special dinner BUT you can also just have a drink at the bar on the wharf's end. We take the dog and have a wine while the sun goes down - it's a treat.

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This is our top secret Sydney treat. Everyone knows The Bridge, and lots of visitors do Bridge Climb, but we prefer this. There's almost never anyone there, it's a bit quaint and old style. The vie... Erfahre mehr

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It's one of a kind. It's not in the immediate neighbourhood, but if you want to stop off on the way to or from Bondi, this place is fantastic. Choose from the classically simple bagel, a variety of... Erfahre mehr

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Our top pick. We are always there. It has great food and nice atmosphere, and is truly local.

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Picturesque waterside location, on an old wharf, and it's open from 7am for the cool people who grab brekkie on the way to the desk. Early mornings are especially attractive on the water.

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Finest, innovative Aussie dining in a truly beautiful modern setting. Everything about Lumi is superb. Check out their website for the menu and to see how lovely the room is. Very special.

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Outstanding Taiwanese restaurant, in a charcterful old church hall an easy walk from home.


Pyrmont Bridge

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Pyrmont Bridge·Karte·

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This decommissioned 19th century swing bridge spans the mouth of Darling Harbour and it's the footway that connects us to the City. It's one of the busiest thoroughfares in the country, and you wil... Erfahre mehr

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It's just so FRENCH! Authentic and friendly and affordable. By day there's a cafe vibe, at night the tablecloths and candles come out. At any time the food is delicious, simple, well made and and u... Erfahre mehr

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This is a classy local bakery that does high end delicious bread and cakes, which you can take away or eat in the shop

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Downstairs, below street level just near Pyrmont Bridge. Excellent, big store.

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Nothing is nicer than sitting in the sun on a Sydney Ferry. The Manly ferry is the classic trip. A great ride on the harbour and a destination with a whole range of sights, walks, cafes and restau... Erfahre mehr

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It's just outside our door and is the perfect place for a walk, a jog, or just a sit in the sun. There's a coffee shop and a great children's playground. The park is the ideal spot to watch the Ne... Erfahre mehr

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The corner of Harris and John St is your hub. Taxis are plentiful around the clock, Walk there and wait - this is much faster than calling one. Uber drivers are often not familiar with Pyrmont. Th... Erfahre mehr

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Very good,large supermarket for all your needs