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The Guardian and travel website Lonely Planet picked this as the world’s third most beautiful bookstore. Are they having a laugh? It’s gorgeous! More than a century old, Lello is an art nouveau pea... Erfahre mehr

Considerada por diversas vezes como uma das livrarias mais bonitas do mundo, a Livraria Lello já foi casa de homens de letras e das artes e já serviu de inspiração a escritores e artistas, entre os... Erfahre mehr

It is a bookstore located in the city center. It is one of the oldest bookstores in Portugal and frequently rated among the top bookstores in the world (placing third in lists by the Lonely Planet ... Erfahre mehr

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This ornate, 75-metre bell tower, which watches lovingly over the city of Porto, is arguably the city’s most iconic silhouette. It was opened in 1763 and is blessed with a beautiful barrage of Baro... Erfahre mehr

This is one of the most Iconic symbols of the city and can be spotted from a long distance. It is a church, but aso a tower. If you climb up to the top, you can have a priviledged view over the city.

Duzentos e tal degraus... e 2€ de entrada, mas a vista panorâmica sobre a cidade é incrível.

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Portugal’s largest urban park forms borders Matosinhos to the south and has 83 hectares of lawns and woodland, beginning on the beachfront. It was nine years in the making, between 1993 and 2002, a... Erfahre mehr

O Parque da Cidade é o maior parque urbano do país, com uma superfície de 83 hectares que se estendem até ao Oceano Atlântico, uma particularidade rara a nível mundial. A presença da pedra assume ... Erfahre mehr

O Parque da Cidade com os seus 83 hectares, é uma paisagem de arquitectada sofisticada, com lagos, flora e fauna variada, integrada no tecido da cidade. A modelação do terreno, os elementos de ped... Erfahre mehr

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Fundado em 1921 é considerado um dos mais belos exemplares de Arte Nova na cidade do Porto, com uma atmosfera de requinte e bem-estar. A sua beleza e o seu significado na cidade do Porto valeram-lh... Erfahre mehr

Majestic is considered one of the most beautiful cafés in the world. The locals call it Porto’s crown jewel. We think it is absolutely gorgeous. Opened in 1921, with a belle époque architecture, it... Erfahre mehr

Considerado um dos cafés mais belos do mundo, o histórico Majestic junta o "chic" parisiense da Belle Époque à magia das personalidades que já por ali passaram, tais como o piloto aviador, mais tar... Erfahre mehr

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When Googling this park, if you’re faced with a bunch of fiberglass dinosaurs, then you’re in the wrong Crystal Palace. Despite the lack of prehistoric models, these gardens are somewhat more exoti... Erfahre mehr

Os Jardins Românticos do Palácio de Cristal, ocupam uma área de 8 hectares no centro do Porto e foram projectados no século XIX pelo arquitecto paisagista alemão Émille David, o bosque e a concessã... Erfahre mehr

From the Cristal Palace only its gardens had remained until our days. The perfect getaway in city center with a view over the river and sea. Grab a fresh beer and a snack and just chill in one of i... Erfahre mehr

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This owes its planning to the visionary spirit of the Almadas whose restoration work brought a new brightness to the city of Porto in the second half of the 18th Century. The road was extended as f... Erfahre mehr

É a rua mais comercial do Porto, onde pode encontrar lojas de vestuário, miudezas, sapatarias, a livraria "Latina", as "Galerias Palladium", o centro comercial "Via Catarina", numerosos vendedores ... Erfahre mehr

Rua de Santa Catarina, the name we choose to give to another one of our apartments. Walk around and explore the shops on one of Porto most historic streets.

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Southeast of Matosinhos, on the way to the centre of Porto is a cultural space that contains a park, Art Deco villa and a contemporary art museum. The villa, the Casa de Serralves, was built betwee... Erfahre mehr

O Museu de Serralves é o mais importante museu de arte contemporânea em Portugal, situado nos espaços únicos da Fundação de Serralves, que incluem um Parque e a Casa de Serralves. O edifício, pro... Erfahre mehr

O Museu de Serralves é o mais importante museu de arte contemporânea em Portugal, situado nos espaços únicos da Fundação de Serralves, que incluem um Parque e a Casa de Serralves.

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This twelve-storey, irregular-shaped building was designed by world-renowned architect Rem Koolhaas exclusively for musical performances. For admirers of architectural marvels it justifies a visit ... Erfahre mehr

É um edifício marcante do século XXI na cidade do porto, para além de ser uma ótima sala de espetáculos.

To listen great concerts for classic music (not only) and who apreciate great arquitecture.

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It’s been voted one of the world’s most beautiful railway stations. The outside is super-cool, in a Belle Epoque Parisian kind of way, but it’s the interiors that will really knock you out: the sta... Erfahre mehr

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Inaugurado em 1914, o Mercado do Bolhão é um dos lugares mais autênticos do Porto, onde, desde 1914, se vende carne, peixe, fruta, flores entre outros produtos. O mercado tem vários andares, nos qu... Erfahre mehr

Porto's biggest historic outdoor market. Amazing architecture. In the process of being renovated but still beautiful. You can feel the soul of Porto.

O Mercado do Bolhão é um dos mercados mais emblemáticos da cidade do Porto, em Portugal.

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A street filled with bars and nightlife, great especially during the summer, lots of other places to visit as well nearby.

The street where the magic happens - all the good bars and disco's join together.

concentração de bares, onde é possível tomar um copo, ouvir musica e petiscar.

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This is where locals fo and eat the famous "Sandes de Pernil" (Roasted Pork Sandwich). One by one, pork legs are slowly roasted in the huge oven in the kitchen behind the bar of Casa Guedes. They a... Erfahre mehr

The permanent queues out of the door make it clear that something good is happening inside Casa Guedes. Stand in line for long enough and you’ll discover what that something is: a delicious pork-le... Erfahre mehr

A especialidade da "Casa Guedes" é a indiscutível sande de pernil, a real e merecida razão de tanto sucesso e da constante romaria a esta tasca à antiga, situada ao lado do Jardim de S. Lázaro, a 3... Erfahre mehr

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D. Luiz I bridge: in the lower part you can cross to the Port Wine Cellars, and in the upper part is great to see the beautiful Porto view!

Acesso às caves do lado de Gaia através do tabuleiro inferior. Vista magnífica da cidade do tabuleiro superior.

Não perder a incrível vista sobre a partes histórica da cidade do Porto. Recomendo que assista aí ao por do sol.

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This street earned the nickname of Art District due to its dozens of art galleries, clothing and design shops, independent brand pop-ups and workshops per square metre.

The street is filled with Art galleries and concept stores. Once a month there are simultaneous inaugurations in all the art galleries

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For a snapshot of local life and a bite to eat, nip into Boavista's revamped Mercado Bom Sucesso. A complete architectural overhaul has brought this late 1940s market hall bang up to date. Now brig... Erfahre mehr

Must see place with lots of very nice and cheap places to eat and sometimes listen to life music as well. There are more then 20 different restaurants, bars, typical Portuguese products. This was a... Erfahre mehr

Has a lot of types of food, you can choose from sushi to salads and pizza...you can also take the breakfast here...the place is new and sometimes during the weekend, has live music

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Porto’s Cathedral (‘Sé’) is the city’s most important church. Built in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, it’s a national monument. Look out for the gothic cloister, the chapel frescoes, the Tei... Erfahre mehr

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At once minimalist, iconic and daringly imaginative, the Casa da Música is the beating heart of Porto's cultural scene and the home of the Porto National Orchestra. Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas roc... Erfahre mehr

Must Visit. Nice views from the 7th floor over Oporto. It is a gourmet food restaurant. But during the weekdays they have a executive menu for 14,5€ that is very good.


Maus Hábitos

178, 4º Piso R. de Passos Manuel·Karte·Öffnungszeiten·Website·

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Com 16 anos de história, situa-se no 4.º andar da garagem Passos Manuel, e continua a ser uma referência da noite e da cultura portuense. Trata-se de um espaço multifacetado onde se pode ver concer... Erfahre mehr

a bar with several rooms and terraces where you can come at any time of the day. At night they have concerts by new Portuguese and international bands, and parties that range from cumbia to queer t... Erfahre mehr


Padaria Ribeiro

21 Praça de Guilherme Gomes Fernandes·Karte·Öffnungszeiten·Website·

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Windowshopping at Padaria Ribeiro is a bit like watching a tennis match. Head goes right (“I’ll have that sausage roll”); head goes left (“oh, but that passion fruit tartlet looks so delicious”); t... Erfahre mehr

E um das melhores Padarias do Porto,tem para alem do pao, biscoitos de fabrico próprio, e pastelaria, onde os lanches,pasteis de Nata,salgados.

Fresh bread from the oven, homemade cakes, salted pastry has either meat (chicken, veal, pork, mixed) or smoked hams/meats and cheese.

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The imposing Avenida dos Aliados is the heart of the city, a sloping boulevard lined with grand buildings and a central promenade. The city hall sits at the top of the Avenue.

Imponente Avenida central do Porto, onde se situa o edifício da Camara Municipal do Porto, e outros icónicos edifícios

One of the most beautiful streets in Porto, quite central to everything else. A must.

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This pompous 19th-century building with a vast Neoclassical façade is the former stock exchange that was built to impress and earn the credibility of European investors. Inside it could be mistaken... Erfahre mehr

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Located in another of Porto’s major nightspots, the Rua Cândido dos Reis, Plano B a city landmark – and the kind of club that makes for great Instagramming. There’s three main rooms and several sma... Erfahre mehr

O Plano B associa músicas de diferentes atmosferas com outras expressões artísticas, entre luzes coloridas e decoração retro. Possuiu uma galeria para conversar e duas pistas de dança para exercita... Erfahre mehr

Verschillende bars, pizza en hamburger restaurants in dezelfde straat. Hier kan je een avondje uitgaan, dansen of gewoon lekker buiten op het terras zitten.

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A trip to Northern Portugal would not be complete without a visit to Porto! For the scenery, the people, the food, the amazing tiles, the bridge and, of course, the port!

Cidade do Porto, monumentos, livraria lello, Café Magestic, a ribeira do rio Douro, o Palacio de Cristal, entre muitos outros

Restaurantes, Centros comerciais, Museus e monumentos históricos, cinemas, teatros, concertos, livrarias (livraria Lello)

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One of the Porto’s top museums, with a superb collections of painting, ceramics, sculpture, engravings, jewellery and goldwork, textiles and glassware from over the centuries. There are fine painti... Erfahre mehr

Buitl in the late 18th century, it has collections of ceramics, sculptures, engravings, jewellery, furniture, gold and silver work, paintings, textiles and glass.

It is worth to visit , for those who, like me, appreciate great paintings and sculptures.

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This is the place where locals go by the end of the afternoon, after work and school, to meet friends, have a drink, chill and enjoy the sunset with a amazing view to the river.

Lots of cool bars, shops and a hip and happening place for young people, especially at night, close to Galerias de Paris, if you wanna go out at night, definitely stop by.

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Observe desde o outro lado do Rio Douro a beleza da cidade do Porto, não faltam restaurantes e esplanadas para almoçar ou jantar ou simplesmente relaxar, também pode explorar as caves do Vinho do P... Erfahre mehr

If you want to taste our wonderful wines, wether they'll be Port wine, Red Wine, White wine or Rosé, definitely take a trip over to Gaia and experience all of this in the Cellars.

You can go by cable car from Vila Nova de Gaia to Cais de Gaia. It is near the river and ther are lots of restaurants, bares and shops.

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Trata-se do principal templo em estilo gótico existente na cidade, cuja construção se iniciou no século XIV. É uma das mais importantes obras do Barroco, com o seu interior em talha dourada, dos sé... Erfahre mehr

Built in the 14th century, St. Francis Church is beyond any doubt the most beautiful church in Porto, mainly because of its gilded wood interior. About 500 kg of gold were needed to literally cover... Erfahre mehr

The most beautiful church in Porto. Inside it´s ornamented with 500kg (1100 lbs) of gold.