Icebergs Dining Room and Bar
Restaurant in Sydney
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Warum ich hingehe  The view, the view, the view. And the work of chef Monty Koludrovic and sommelier James Hird. The freshness on the plate is enhanced by Hird’s natural-leaning, Italian-focused wine list made up of well-known producers and a younger generation of Australian winemakers. Look for bespoke wines made just for Icebergs and collaborations with brewers and distillers.
Was man trinken sollte  In collaboration with proprietor Maurice Terzini and friends, sommelier Hird has sourced a small-batch organic prosecco for Icebergs. It’s a highly drinkable, fresh, lightly fizzy white that makes great friends with Campari in their must-order Icebergs Spritz.
1 Notts Ave
+61 2 9365 9000